Phloxx is the project name for a series of cutting edge projects oriented around blockchain technologies and machine learning. If you want to find out about the history of the project then the historical page illustrates the history behind the project and how the models developed over time through development, training, optimisation and the fine-tuning of the models that form the foundations of this project.

Current Models


We are again working with SGD Photos and have built out a new network with her photos. We updated the Cain model and are generating images from this model at 4096×4096. We will reduce the images to 1024×1024 for the NFT’s, but keep the larger resolution for physical prints. We hope to have a release on the 1st of June 2022.


1ST OF JUNE 2022


We have re-photographed the portfolio and are utilising them as an input. The network will generate images of size 4096×4096 with modified parameters which again, we will reduce down to 1024×1024 for the NFTs, but keep the larger resolution for physical prints. The source network is Hamza. This collection is now live and the first 256 is ready to be bought on Magic Eden now!

Mint Release #02 – Now Available for the Introductory Price of ◎ 0.1




We realised there was a limit to what we could do with the hardware we had, as such we invested further with Coreix and added nVidia A100 cards to our solution. We once again utilised a source set of paintings from The network generated images of size 1024×1024 with modified network parameters.

Again, like Hamza this was classified as a success since we saw the artistic characteristics pulled through from the machine learning network.

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Phloxx Token

We are working on the release and SPL Token for Phloxx which will allow holders a discount on NFTs for minting. In addition, we are working on a new Phloxx Karacters project with a partner Read more…

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