The Jack model originates from the works of

An artist who has developed a style focusing on post-impressionism and devolving this over time into pure abstraction. As a mixed medium artist focusing primarily on larger scale paintings the style has devolved further until the primary focus was the true fabric of reality. Whilst earlier pieces were simple landscapes, the focus was always primary on how matter formed such images.

The series of paintings around the fabric of reality focused primarily on the pieces entitled “He Cuts the Veins to Release the Soul” of which there were many created and sold into private collections for undisclosed sums.

There have been multiple iterations of Jack – We have currently generated 1024 Batches of 64 Images, which equates to 65,536 images in total. We will be releasing batches of NFTs from Jack over the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jack

So, I am going to mint an NFT at random, I don’t want one of those plain ones!

Don’t worry, whilst we are showing all these images on the side for completeness and ALL these images will be available for purchase, the images from the candy machines will be vetted and quality assured so you only get a quality high-resolution image that we are proud of. Very few people want to pay money for 1,048,576 blue pixels and we understand that!

How will you decide which photos make the grade?

Well, that is between the Phloxx team and the artist in question. Nevertheless, the images which have minimal detail or minimal actual content will NOT be included. Out of the 65,536 images generated in the batch sets, we aim to release circa 30,000 to 40,000 images.

…But I want to complete my collection, can I buy the ones, not in the candy machine?

Yes, as we have said, we will be minting the remaining images and putting them on our site, or, if you come to us directly we can help you complete your collection.

…But doesn’t that go against the ethos of NFT sales?

Not really, we will be releasing large batches of NFT’s which are the highest quality generated images. As we have said not all the images “make the cut” and we wouldn’t want to sell those for the same price as the other images (it wouldn’t be right). Nevertheless, we understand that some people may want to complete a particular collection – As such we are offering a way for them to do so at minimal cost to them.

You can utilise the following gallery to validate your images or decide which series you wish to mint from.

Images are watermarked, resolutions and quality reduced – They do not reflect the original quality of generated images. Original prints, NFTs and downloads can be purchased from the web store.